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The Ham-Mobile Gets a Makeover!

Like an unstoppable force, Tim, N5STR, club President and founder, never content with the status quo, is once again giving the Ham-Mobile a makeover!  Realizing the need for more desk space during heavy use periods such as ARES, Field Days, and Special Events, Tim has added a much-needed new table along with new monitors, keyboards, mice, all nicely inter-connected with the recently donated computer from Mr. Anonymous.  Judging from the pictures it looks fantastic.  Tim says he has a lot more to do but needs a rest after what has already been accomplished.  The club’s pride and joy, the Ham-Mobile, is ever evolving under Tim’s leadership.  Check out these photos of the new improvements.

Chris - N0YH
Author: Chris - N0YH

VE Team Lead - Facebook Manager - Webmaster - Club Vice-President

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