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New tower in Arma!

(This story was provided to us from Tyler, KB0PQP, a week ago today.  I’m only just now getting it to print. The pictures he provided are an excellent insiders view of tower installation.  Enjoy!)
Some pics of the 300ft Rohn65G tower the county is building in Arma. We topped it out today! 
Will be mounting antennas next week assuming we get the coax mounting brackets in time!
The base is 4x4x4 ft
The guy anchors are 10x5x10 perpendicular to the tower forming a T shape.
They lifted the first 130ft with a crane. Stabilized it with 2 sets of guys and started stacking! Gin pole is 65 feet tall for the 20ft sections. They are 480lbs each.
Should have the lighting kit on early next week until we have a construction NOTAM.
Chris - N0YH
Author: Chris - N0YH

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