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I am so grateful for you guys setting up special sessions and for all the VEs that came to help. It’s clear that we’ve joined a great community. I wish there were more that passed too, but I know there are a few students that took it very seriously and are already studying to retest. My main goal was to get enough to get a club going next semester and we did that! My two sons will test soon too, so we’ll have a good group when school is back in session.
-Andrea KO6BIW
16 May 2024
Thank you for the email and congratulations! I am extremely grateful for you and your teams help with the proctoring. It was a wonderful experience. 
John Fritz, KK7SYR
28 April 2024
I would like to thank you so much for accommodating me on such short notice. I passed and I’m very happy. You are very considerate, and I appreciate it very much. 
Looking forward to taking the General Exam in a few weeks with you guys. 
Big 73. 
Justin Roth
24 April 2024

I just wanted to say thank you to and all of your team. This has been a great experience for me and I can’t thank you enough. Tomorrow I open the Blue book and start working on General.

Have a great day and 73
Robert D’Apolito - KE2CQF


Kilowatt Team,

Awesome! you’re the best, you guys did a super job. Couldn’t have been any easier on my end. I was concerned that my cell phone was going to lose its charge when we were taking the test. I kind of rushed the test but 31 out of 35 is all I needed. I’m very happy to get my license back. I’m going after my old license call sign after I get a new one. My old sign was ka3uaw.

I liked the Suffix. United auto worker, easy to remember. Hopefully in the near future I’ll get my HF radio back up and running. One thing at a time. As before, thanks a ton. 73’s to you and yours, have a great holiday season.

Sheldon - KA3UAW


I got the license. Kilo Oscar Six Delta Bravo Sierra... not bad as call signs go.
Thanks for the great testing experience, and it was great meeting all of you.
I'll be back for my General in a few weeks. Now that I know the process for online testing, it will be a bit easier. 
Bob Nunley - KO6DBS
Bobn :>)
The great test environment you provided. I was stressed but you made it easy. First test in over 50 years!
Jeff Smith - KQ4ONJ
I am so excited and I cannot thank you and the guys enough for being so welcoming.  I will be scheduling the General exam with the Kilowatt Team in 2 - 3 weeks. 
M. Anthony Whiting, Jr., KJ5EJG
I just want to take the time one again to thank the KilowattARC team in the testing process. I took the Technician exam and just recently made the upgrade to General. I decided to start the process  of getting ready to step up to the Amateur Extra license. You are a great bunch and I look forward to working with you again. Who knows maybe I can help out become a VE after that. 
Thanks again 

Rob KE2CQF  73

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Thanks again to all who tested me! I look forward to growing, learning and having fun! On to the General level.
Rudy  -  5 Mar 2024

Bob mentioned the Kilowatt is your club, it reminded me of a Seattle bar. I'm an IBEW Local #46 electrician, and when our union hall was still downtown, we had a bar in the basement called the Kilowatt. Sadly no longer there, but made me wonder if there was any crossover with the name 🙂

Cheers and thanks for the smooth testing experience,
David G  -  6 Mar 2024

Good morning!  Thank you guys again for giving your time and work yesterday to help me pass my test.

Cliff Richie  -  7 March  2024


Hello Chris,
Thank you and the other VEs for your help the other night. It was a very smooth and enjoyable process.
Jesse Bhagat  -  29 March

I have been tested by the best group of examiners a candidate could ask for and have the CSCE’s to prove it. I was thinking earlier that on 1/29/2024 I was nervous about taking the Technician exam and it is now 3/29/2024 and I have passed the Amateur Extra exam. This transition has been a moving experience for me and I am looking forward to working with your group.

Have a great day
Bob 2 KE2CQF/AE 73

30 March 2024