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  • Chris - N0YH

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... ralph v waldren

Making to the top of the VE list for Kansas was because of Chris- N0YH teaching me how to use the tools. Chris is the best at telling and showing people how to use the tools in testing. He is a great asset to the world of Ham Radio. I do not know of anyone else that does a better job of promoting Ham Radio. It is a great privilege to work with N0YH and his team members. Thanks Chris for the help getting to give back to the Hams.

... N5STR

Congratulations Kings Point Club ,Bob and Mary, this is really exciting.

... Steve Tandy Sr.

N-zero-I-GOT-ZAPPED is one of my Elmers and I will always consider him a good friend . He always told me , That ” AIR ” was one of the most important part of your antenna that is , the amount of ” AIR ” between the ground and antenna . Also , He always said , ” Turn it all the way to the RIGHT “. I’m sure he meant the amplifier . There are many more pieces of advice he gave me . But , seriously he and one other Elmer N0MST gave me a lot of advice on building antennas . Frank and I built our 6m 5 element LFA Beams at the same time . They are really a great antenna . Because Frank doesn’t have a tower now , his 6m beam is at N3LRH’s home .
Also he was an avid CAR guy . He was into drag racing as I was . Great intervue Chris .

Steve Tandy Sr.