Wyatt Earp Fall Festival and Special Event!

Wyatt Earp Park in Lamar Missouri

  On a crisp autumn day, history and technology converged at the Wyatt Earp Fall Festival in Lamar, Missouri, on October 7th, 2023. The

Kilowatt Amateur Radio Club (K0KWC) brought the fascinating world of amateur radio to life, delighting festival-goers and visitors with a special event that celebrated both the Wild West heritage and the enduring allure of ham radio.

The Wyatt Earp Fall Festival is an annual event that transports attendees back to the Wild West era, offering a taste of life in 1869 when Wyatt began his famous law career as Constable in Lamar, Missouri. Against this historical backdrop, the Kilowatt Amateur Radio Club set up a captivating display that paid homage to the technology of that time while showcasing the modern capabilities of amateur radio.

K0KWC’s booth at the festival was a focal point of intrigue. We erected a fully functional amateur radio station, complete with a variety of different radio equipment. Visitors were invited to step into the world of ham radio aboard the “Ham Bus”, explore the technology, and even make their own radio contacts with enthusiasts from around the world.

Chris, N0YH (L), and Ralph, N0OTS (R), enjoy socializing at the event. Note antique Telegraph sign in background.

  The Kilowatt Amateur Radio Club’s presence at the Wyatt Earp Fall Festival went beyond just showcasing radio equipment. They conducted interviews with individuals interested in pursuing amateur radio as a hobby. Topics ranged from the basics of radio operation to the licensing requirements and how to set up a personal radio station. This educational aspect allowed the K0KWC to introduce amateur radio to a new generation of enthusiasts.

Festival attendees weren’t just passive observers; they were encouraged to actively participate. Some guest enjoyed sending messages in our

simulated telegram using Morse code, a skill that was once essential for early radio operators. This hands-on approach to learning provided attendees with a deeper appreciation of the rich history and technical intricacies of amateur radio.

By participating in the Wyatt Earp Fall Festival, the Kilowatt Amateur Radio Club bridged the past and the present. They added an extra layer of historical richness to the event by showcasing a technology that was instrumental during the Wild West era. Amateur radio, in its evolution, has managed to remain relevant while preserving its timeless appeal.

Plenty of vendors at the event.

 The Kilowatt Amateur Radio Club’s special event at the Wyatt Earp Fall Festival 2023 in Lamar, Missouri, was a resounding success. It not only brought the captivating world of amateur radio to life but also celebrated the spirit of community engagement and historical preservation. As technology continues to advance, it is heartening to see organizations like K0KWC keeping the legacy of amateur radio alive and thriving. The event served as a reminder that some traditions, like the magic of radio waves, are truly timeless and should be celebrated for generations to come.

A special THANKS goes out to all the W0E operators who made the SES a success. In no particular order:  Leonard, K6LBB  –  John, KF0BQL  –  Shannon, W0SDK  –  K5MCK, Buddy  –  Tim, N5STR  –  Chris, N0YH.


Gunfights were a common occurrence at the event.

Ed, KD0TAK, meets the Kilowatt Club for the first time and signs up.

John, KF0BQL alongside Tim, N5STR and his daughter.

Tim takes a much-deserved break.

Tyler, KB0PQP, and wife Meagan visit the K0KWC booth.

Tyler, KB0PQP, finds and fixes a noise issue inside the Ham-Mobile.

Chris - N0YH
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