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Tim, N5STR, Adds a 10 Meter Beacon for Kilowatt Amateur Radio Club (K0KWC)

L to R: Jim, and Tim, N5STR. Club President and founder.

 In the vibrant world of amateur radio, beacons play a crucial role in facilitating communication and experimentation. Recently, the Kilowatt Amateur Radio Club (K0KWC) saw a significant enhancement to its capabilities, thanks to the efforts of Tim, N5STR. Tim has successfully established a 10-meter beacon operating on 28.248.5 MHz, an addition that promises to benefit amateur radio enthusiasts near and far.

Beacons serve as essential tools for radio operators, providing reliable signals that help in assessing propagation conditions. The new 10-meter beacon at K0KWC is no exception. Located strategically to cover a broad area, this beacon will assist operators in determining band openings and the quality of transmission paths on the 10-meter band.

Tim’s project was driven by his passion for amateur radio and his commitment to enhancing the resources available to the community. Setting up the beacon involved meticulous planning and technical know-how. The beacon, transmitting a continuous signal on 28.248.5 MHz, is configured to deliver a stable and consistent output, ensuring that operators can rely on it for accurate propagation information.

The beacon’s installation is particularly timely, as the 10-meter band is known for its variable propagation characteristics, influenced by solar activity and atmospheric conditions. With this beacon in place, operators can now easily monitor the band for openings, making it easier to engage in DX (long-distance) communications.

For the Kilowatt Amateur Radio Club, this addition is a significant milestone. It not only enhances the club’s infrastructure but also underscores the collaborative spirit of the amateur radio community. Members and visitors to K0KWC can now enjoy an improved experience, with more tools at their disposal to explore the fascinating world of radio waves. The new beacon has already been heard in North Carolina and as far south as Costa Rico!  It is currently transmitting (K0KWC/B Lamar MO K0KWC/B EM27UL K0KWC/B with a 3 second tone, and then repeats. If you hear our Beacon, please send us a QSL card and Tim will send you one back.  Give us a signal report if you’d like.

Tim, N5STR, has once again demonstrated the impact one dedicated individual can have in advancing the hobby of amateur radio. His work on the 10-meter beacon is a testament to the innovation and dedication that drive the community forward. As operators tune into 28.248.5 MHz, they will be reminded of the collective effort that keeps the spirit of amateur radio alive and thriving.

Chris - N0YH
Author: Chris - N0YH

VE Team Lead - Facebook Manager - Webmaster - Club Vice-President

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