From the President, N5STR, Tim – 5 April 2023

Chris - N0YH

Hello all,
So, we have a few club events coming up. A couple of them are a little aways but it’s a good chance to go ahead and mark your calendar. First is summer field day in June. I believe it’s the last weekend of the month. We also have the annual Wyatt Earp special event. It’s either the last weekend of September or the first weekend of October. Our town of Lamar has a festival that we attend on a Saturday and transmit live at the festival. The city changes the dates from time to time.

Then we are going to do a summer fox hunt in two parts utilizing our club meetings. We have a couple farmers in our club so summer is the busiest time for them but we will also have a winter fox hunt. If anyone has ideas for club events that we can do or even something you would like to do or you haven’t done yet let us know. Also, as to any and all of our club events it’s open to the public. So invite family and friends, guys and gals from other clubs, we absolutely don’t mind, we are just having fun with ham radio. The dates to all this stuff will be updated as soon as we know the exact date. Thanks everyone. 73s