Go to DX Summit

View the W0E PDF Document below for a reference.

DX Summit Illustration

To set up DX Summit for W0E operations, see the red circled area in the PDF at the top right.  That is a search bar.  Typo in W0E and hit the magnifying glass.  You should only see W0E stations reporting.  See who is operating where and what bands and find a different band or frequency.

Now, in the lower red circled area you can enter your information for others to see.  This is the SHARE A SPOT block.  In the top column type your personal callsign.  Then below that in the next blank type W0E for the station you are reporting.  Below that type what frequency you will be using.  On the bottom block type Wyatt Earp SES.  Then click on the green SHARE button and you not only self-spotted yourself, but you told everyone else where you will be working.

If you would like to work a frequency that has already been self-spotted, go to that frequency and see if it is still being worked.  If it is open, self-spot yourself and take control of that frequency.